Vampire Pinup Boy Depantsed by a Zombie Free Coloring Page

It’s #FridayFreebies coloring time! Download the hires at cheesecakeboy.comfor this week’s free pinup coloring page, I've turned my friend Scott McQuiston into a vampire and depantsed him for your coloring pleasure! Aren't my friends lucky? :) Good thing he was wearing cute undies. Bwahahahahaha! I want to see your colorful creations -- post them to social media with the hashtag #CheesecakeBoys. Happy coloring! Now go color your pants off! :)

Timelapse Oil Painting Portrait: Letting Go - Studio Sneak Peek 27 - Paul Richmond Studio

New timelapse showing some of the process involved with creating my figurative oil painting “Letting Go.”

How To Survive a Halloween Horror Movie Haunting | Cheesecake Boys | Paul Richmond Studio

We can all learn a thing or two from those sexy ladies who like to walk through the woods at night on Halloween in every horror movie ever made. Watch as we take you through a Cheesecake Boy step-by-step haunting survival guide that will scare your pants off!

Cheesecake Boy Monster Mania Free Coloring Page

It’s ba-aaack! #FridayFreebies coloring time is here!!! This week’s free Cheesecake Boy coloring page comes from my new collection of pinup clothing available at — the spooky Halloween-inspired scene features a handsome, bearded Cheesecake Boy in grave peril but looking adorable thanks to his candy-coated Trick or Treat undies. The trick is going to be keeping his treats from being exposed to the world as a ravenous, tentacled monster strips him of his clothes and dignity. Download the hi-res coloring page now at - and I want to see your colorful creations! Post them to social media with the hashtag #CheesecakeBoys. Happy coloring!! Now go color your pants off!

Hiking With Robert - Weekly Vlog 43 - Paul Richmond Studio

Watch full vid on YouTube:
It was a beautiful day to go hiking with my friend Robert Burcar. Even though my meditation techniques were not up to par and my pants kept falling down, we had an awesome time exploring the hiking trails of Pacific Grove! 
Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boy's pants! We're all a little high on paint fumes around here, so grab a brush and join the painting party!
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FridayFreebies: Cheesecake Boy at the Piano

Here’s a new #FridayFreebies pinup boy coloring page for you! Grab the hi-res, peach-less version now at – you can print it out or color it digitally in the Recolor app. I want to see your creations — post them to social media with the hashtag #CheesecakeBoys. Now go color your pants off! Happy coloring everyone!

Let's Draw Cheesecake Boys - Paul Richmond Studio

Take the art test:
Do you like to draw or paint or maybe just sketch and doodle? Well if you do, chances are you have the interest needed to become a serious art student. If you've never considered yourself an artist, maybe it's because you haven’t found the right inspiration yet. After all, fruity still lifes don’t do it for everyone. Here at Cheesecake Boys Instruction Schools, we believe students should draw whatever fruity things they like, especially pinup boys! To start, simply visit and download our enjoyable art test that has been developed and perfected through years of in-depth study by experts. There’s no cost or obligation. Take the test at home in your spare time and share it with us when your done by posting to social media with #CHEESECAKEBOYS. Our first drawing lesson is coming soon, complete with a real live Cheesecake Boy model. Visit today, and your artistic skills will…