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Unique Daily

My Batmobama and Robiden T-shirt was featured today on the site! Thanks, guys!!

The shirt's available in my online store.

Joining the Ministry

Many thanks to J. LeRon for asking to feature my painting The Dollypop Guild on The Ministry Lives, a website he created to allow artists of every discipline to engage in an uncensored dialogue. It's quite an interesting collection - check it out HERE.

Elisa Rolle Interview

I was recently interviewed by Elisa Rolle and she posted the article on her website today: PAUL RICHMOND: INS & OUTS.

Here's an excerpt:

Elisa: Can you tell us something more about you and how you decided to become an artist?

Paul: As a child, when I wasn’t prancing around the house wearing my blanket as a skirt and pretending to be a Disney princess, I was at the dining room table drawing. My mom brought home big stacks of scrap computer paper from work and claims I turned out about two hundred drawings a day. I’m really grateful that my parents encouraged my artistic ambitions (if not my Disney princess ones). They even sought the mentorship of a local artist, Linda Regula, who took me under her wing when I was only three years old. Besides being a wonderful teacher, Linda also became my first real-live diva role model! She encouraged creative expression and storytelling on canvas, which were great outlets during the rocky times I encountered as a blossoming gay boy in a repre…

Cover Boy

"Zero at the Bone," a fabulous gay thriller novel by Jane Seville (featuring cover art by yours truly), is now available to order through Amazon and the pubilsher, Dreamspinner Press. Yay, Jane! I hope it's a best-seller!

I'm also beginning a new cover project for a different publisher, MLR Press, illustrating their forthcoming book "The Golden Age of Gay Fiction." It's a collection of essays from gay icons such as Ian Young, Earl Kemp, Victor J. Banis, William Maltese and other authors from that era discussing the impact of pulp novels on gay culture. In doing research for the project, I've come across some fabulous little gems too good to keep to myself -- and if this just whets your appetite for more, there's a whole catalog of gay pulp covers here: Enjoy!

Inspiration: Jason Driskill

I wanted to share the work of a San Francisco-based artist I recently discovered. His name is Jason Driskill and his art, which often incorporates self-portraiture, brings a fresh voice to the discussion of gender/sexuality. Jason’s going to be included in the “Stripped Uncensored” anthology coming out in June that I mentioned a few posts back, and he just told me that his piece “Hermes” (shown below) was accepted into a prestigious juried exhibition at the Kinsey Institute which opens in May. Congrats, Jason!

Check out more of his work:

May Contain High Levels of Homo

If you're thirsty for some gayness, I may have just what you need (hope you like it strong!) I'm much appreciative that my homo ways are being lauded by a couple of fabulous rainbow-flag-waving webites this week.

The site Gayest Ever, which aims to "shamelessly exploit the gayest shit ever" (a goal with which I can relate) profiled my work and called it "gaytastic" in an article titled -- you guessed it -- "Gayest Paintings Ever."

Meanwhile, the site Tres Fab Sweetie! published a similar post entitled "The Tres Faabulous Art of Paul Richmond."

Thanks, guys!

Stripping in Print

Two of my paintings were chosen for an upcoming anthology called "Stripped Uncensored," a collection of contemporary gay erotica published by Bruno Gmünder. My contributions are "The Clearing" and "The Greatest is Love." The book will be released in June but you can check it out on the publisher's site here and pre-order on Amazon.