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My painting Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise appears in this month's issue of Tikkun magazine to illustrate a cover story on "Queer Spirituality and Politics." I'm honored to have my work included in the national publication, even though the author does take issue with the piece, noting that it lacks representation of "queer immigrants, homeless trans youth, poor and working-class gays and lesbians, and LGBT inmates." I guess you can't please everyone! But don't I at least get credit for including Bert and Ernie? 

Special thanks to my friend Kittredge Cherry for helping me make the connection. The publication is available in most bookstores nationwide.

Uncovered 2

Last year, I held a contest called "Uncovered" and many of you helped select The Hired Man as the first novel cover giclee print offering in my online store. And now I'm feeling indecisive again. This time, I have four cover illustrations for you to choose from. Decisions, decisions! And one lucky voter will randomly be chosen to receive the first print in the series as well as the corresponding novel/novella courtesy of Dreamspinner Press. Yay! So go cast your vote HERE

I introduced the contest and shared many of my recent illustrations as well as process pics on Elisa Rolle's site today: PAUL RICHMOND: UNCOVERED 2.

Covering Up!

It's been forever since I shared any of my novel cover illustrations for Dreamspinner Press. I love working on these! Here are a few of the latest:

Keep Your Shirt On

Sure, it’s embarrassing to get caught with your pants down — just ask any of my Cheesecake models. But it would be even worse to get caught without your very own Cheesecake shirt! Now you can have your cake and wear it too! Order yours HERE.

Getting Cheeky

There's a nice feature by Kendrick Daye in Art Nouveau Magazine about my Cheesecake show. Check it out here: Paul Richmond Gets Cheeky in New Series of Paintings. Here's an excerpt:

Artist and Illustrator Paul Richmond was raised in a conservative, Roman Catholic home but you couldn’t tell from his paintings. Take for instance his Cheesecake series of work created for his solo exhibition of the same name. The show opened June 4 at Halsted Gallery in Chicago to rave reviews.