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Time Lapse Oil Painting Portraits - Studio Sneak Peek 19 - Paul Richmond Studio

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I am finishing up commissioned portraits of two sisters in this time lapse video. I love painting portraits and using them as a means of telling more of a story about the individual being portrayed. For this diptych that was commissioned by the subjects’ mother, I asked her to share with me as much information as she could about their interests, personalities, and stories. Many of those elements are incorporated into the backgrounds. We also decided that the pieces should each stand on their own, but also have a strong connection point, hence some of the overlapping elements. 
If you would like to talk about commissioning a portrait from me, please visit my website to find out some information about how to get the process started:

Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boy's pants! We're all …

FridayFreebies - Pinup Boy Coloring Page

*Ring Ring* What’s up? It’s coloring time! 
Download this week’s #FridayFreebies pinup boy coloring page:
**New this week - I also posted an alternate version formatted for the Recolor app for those who like to color digitally. 

Be sure to share your awesome creations with me by posting and tagging them #PaulRichmondStudio! Happy coloring everyone!!

My Coming Out Story - Weekly Vlog 33 - Paul Richmond Studio

My Coming Out Story - Weekly Vlog 33 - Paul Richmond Studio 
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Hey everyone! Today's video deals with a topic that people are always asking about - my coming out story. I think it's cool to hear how different LGBTQ YouTubers made their journeys out of the closet, so I'm adding my own voice to the conversation. I was raised Catholic in a small, conservative part of the Midwest where sexuality was seen in pretty black and white terms. Even though I was confused and questioning from a very early age, I repressed those feelings because I didn't want to be a disappointment to my mom and dad. But I knew I was different, and this is the story of how I grew to accept myself for who I really am. I hope by sharing my story, the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned will help inspire you to live as authentically as possible. I love you guys!
If you're struggling with how to come out or need …

Pinup Boy splits his pants at the gym

Ok, who's ready for a coloring workout? Download the logo-free version of this week's FridayFreebies pinup boy coloring page and flex your creative muscles:

Happy coloring!


I do SO many sketches, especially Cheesecake Boys, that I never get around to coloring. And that’s where YOU come in! I thought it would be awesome to share a new pinup boy sketch with you every Friday so you can print him out and color him however you’d like – crayons, colored pencils, paint, GLITTER…the possibilities are endless!! And if your coloring skills are more high-tech, feel free to load him into your coloring app of choice and do it that way! I want to see your creations, so post them to social media with the hashtag #PAULRICHMONDSTUDIO.

Things to Never Say to an Artist - Paul Richmond Studio

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Everyone's always trying to get free stuff from artists. Watch us turn the tables in "Things Never to Say to an Artist.” Share this with a creative person who should never sell themself short!
Every artist has been in this position before - someone reaches out to you and says they love your work and want to buy or commission something. Your heart starts to flutter, especially if you are relatively new to the art profession and/or desperate to pay off a mountain of student loans. You begin to imagine a future of fame and fortune in the art world. But then suddenly, this bubble bursts when your potential patron utters something from the "Things to Never to Say to an Artist" list. It would almost be hilarious if wasn't so sad. The common thread on the "what not to say" list is that these statements always involve trying to get artists to sell themselves short - sometimes even …