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On Display, Starring Michael Breyette

Michael Breyette is one of my favorite artists, so I was honored that he agreed to be the subject of my latest Cheesecake painting. In a classic case of life imitating art, On Display, Starring Michael Breyette finds the artist with his pants on the gallery floor, creating a whole new focal point for admirers of his work.

Check it out HERE, where you can order a limited edition 12" x 15" giclee print. 

Many thanks to Michael for the super-cute reference pic:

What's Happening

The May issue of "What's Happening" magazine hits newsstands in Florida tomorrow, and it includes an interview about my recent work written by L. Rickert. Dolly and I even made the cover! You can view the complete issue online HERE

And if you'd like to see a compilation of Cheesecake, check out the feature Mike Ruiz Caught in a Cheeky Moment on

I'm a Narcoleptic Date!

Turnabout is fair play, so when my friend Brian Williams asked me to model for one of the paintings in his upcoming LA exhibit "Narcolepsy Date," I was all about it -- especially when I learned that would involve plunging my face into a big cake. 

Brian's concept is to show figures who have fallen asleep in unusual situations, which isn't much of a stretch for me given the number of times this month that I've fallen asleep at my easel. However, since Brian and I have a long history of cake-appreciation, we decided to go that route for my pose. Here are a few of the lovely results of last night's photo shoot:

And here's the composition Brian worked out for the painting. I love the cute detail of the hearts in the coffee! 

Michael Breyette Cheesecake in progress

I'm working on my Cheesecake painting of artist Michael Breyette and wanted to share a progress pic. I'm having so much fun re-creating some of his amazing artwork for the background, including the sexy, gas-pumping fellow below.

Michael's a big inspiration, so I hope I did his work justice! The only change I made was to adjust the figure's eyes so that he could better enjoy the view. 
Here's the sketch so you can see what's left:

After Michael, I have some other exciting pin-up prospects on the horizon. Jack Mackenroth and Bobbie Burlesque both recently sent me reference pics for their paintings, and I must thank them for making my job very easy! These photos are amazing!!
Jack Mackenroth (fashion designer, Project Runway alum)

Bobbie Burlesque (burlesque performer)
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And if you'd like…

Peeping Perez, Starring Perez Hilton

Blogger Perez Hilton exposes the secrets of the stars. Now, as the subject of my latest Cheesecake Boy painting, he gets caught exposing his own! 

While spying on Lady Gaga in search of a headline, her dog takes matters into his own teeth -- making quick work of his pants. Poor Perez is left with nothing to protect his "disco stick" from the world except some smashing bright pink, star-patterned undies.

Here's a link to order limited-edition giclee prints of Perez in all his glory: Peeping Perez

Check out all of the Cheesecake Boys to date in a feature on HERE

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Rosy Cheeks, Starring Bobby Trendy

Interior designer Bobby Trendy knows how to dress up a room, but in my latest Cheesecake Boy painting, he has some trouble staying dressed himself! 
Check out Rosy Cheeks, Starring Bobby TrendyHERE, where you can also order a limited-edition giclee print. 

Rip Off, Starring Alec Mapa

Comedian Alec Mapa knows how to leave his audience in stitches. Unfortunately after this performance, the same can't be said for his trousers!

Check out my latest Cheesecake Boy painting of Alec and his cute undies HERE, where you can also order a limited-edition 9" x 12" giclee print.