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You Will Rise Project

Linda Regula, my childhood art teacher, and I are launching an online project dedicated to giving the victims of bullying a voice through the arts. The You Will Rise Project provides a multimedia showcase for drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, poetry, and other creative expressions by people of all ages, representing their experiences with bullies.

Linda and I were bullied as kids, and we believe channeling those experiences into powerful works of art can be both healing for the artist and inspiring for viewers. Please visit the You Will Rise Project and take a moment to share the link with all those who might benefit from viewing and/or participating.

Get Uncovered!

I am hosting another Uncovered Contest, and you’re all invited! This is where I show you four recent novel cover illustrations and you vote on your favorite. The winning illustration will become the next limited-edition print offered exclusively in my online store. And even better, just by voting, you become eligible to win the first print in the series along with a slew of other fabulous prizes. Yesterday, I introduced the contest in a post on Elisa Rolle’s journal, as well as doing a little “Show and Tell” of recent projects.