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Fresh Coat | War Paint Series

Fresh Coat is the newest piece in my War Paint series, exploring ideas of masculinity, strength, and courage. I'm really enjoying loosening up and being more expressive with these paintings. I start by just scraping paint across the canvas with a palette knife and then build the image from there. Here's a pic of this one in the early stages.
Fresh Coat measures 30" x 24." The original painting and prints are available through the Lyman-Eyer Gallery HERE.
Additional print sizes are available in my online store HERE.
Special thanks to Patrick Butler for modeling for this piece. 
I'm also excited to announce that the War Paint series will be featured in a two-person exhibition this summer at the Lyman-Eyer Gallery in Provincetown along with works by one of my favorite watercolorists, Kevin Peterson. The exhibit coincides with P-Town's Carnival, and the opening reception will be Friday, August 22. 
Here are some additional detail shots of Fresh Coat.