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2016 Year in Review: Highs and Lows - Paul Richmond Studio - Vlog 33

Let’s take a look back at the big crazy messy year that was 2016. Here are some of my most memorable highs and lows. Tell me yours in the comments!

For the Love of Cher: Fanboying with Artist Robert Burcar - Paul Richmond Studio - Vlog 32

The first time I hung out with artist Robert Burcar, we immediately bonded over our mutual diva obsessions, especially when he showed me his Cher record collection. You have to see this!

Kilted Pinup Boy in the Wind - Friday Freebies

This week’s #FridayFreebies Cheesecake Boy was inspired by two things: #1.) my love of pinup artist Art Frahm and his subjects’ eternal struggles with strong winds and weak elastic, and #2.) the fun time my husband and I had when we stumbled across the Kilted Bros store during a trip to Cleveland and both ended up buying our first kilts. Their slogan is “drop your pants here,” which spoke to my heart! Download the hi-res pic and start coloring at

Pantsing Pinup Boys - Colorful Pants Down Fun for Everyone - Paul Richmond Studio - Vlog 31

My Cheesecake Boys series is all about looking for creative, humorous ways to get guys out of their pants. It's not much deeper than that! They are reminiscent of the pin-up girls popularized in the 40's and 50's with overtly contrived scenarios putting them in imminent danger of having their underwear (or more) exposed. There's a slightly innocent suggestiveness to the works from this time period which I am really drawn to and have been interpreting from a gay male perspective for several years.
Now it’s time for everyone to join in the pinup boy pantsing party. I thought it would be awesome to share a new pinup boy sketch with you every Friday so you can print him out and color him however you’d like – crayons, colored pencils, paint, GLITTER…the possibilities are endless!! Make sure you pick some extra cute colors for his undies! 
If your coloring skills are more high-tech, feel free to load him into your coloring app of choice and do it that way! I want to see you…

Pinup Santa Pantsed by Chimney

Ho Ho Whoa! For this week's #FridayFreebies coloring page, Santa drops in with a bundle of surprises! :) Print him out and color him at
Have fun and happy Friday everyone!

Art is Gay! - NSFW Art History Lesson with Intern - Paul Richmond Studio - Vlog 30

Intern and I take a look at some of the gayest paintings in art history and provide our own inappropriate-at-times and definitely NSFW “critical analysis.” Featuring paintings by Jean Broc, Alexander Ivanov, John William Waterhouse, Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson, Jean Delville, and Caravaggio.

Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boys' pants! We're all a little high on paint fumes around here, so grab a brush and join the painting party!