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Good Old Fashioned Exhibitionism

The Pin-Up Blog reviewed my Cheesecake Boy series. Here's what they had to say:

"Amidst all the over-sexed media there are few non-pornographic havens that capture an old innocent feeling. In the tradition of the 1950’s damsels in underwear distress, Paul Richmond’s Cheesecake boys are exactly that. A collection of sweet, clumsy, sexy men. Richmond is a fine artist and illustrator, a proud gay man and an activist. Inspiring and fun, go have a look at his online studio."

Check out their site (but not if you're reading this at work!): The Pin-Up Blog

Exhibit of Pride

I was honored to have three paintings included in this year's "Exhibit of Pride," an annual show which benefits Stonewall Columbus. Having just attended my first Pride celebration only a few years ago, it was especially humbling (though humility is not my strongest virtue) that they used my painting "Not Just a Closet" to promote the event. Click HERE to visit Stonewall's website.

Here's a photo of me exhibiting my pride in front of the show banner which hung on the front of the building for the run of the exhibit.

Dos centímetros de mar

My painting “Not Just a Closet” was used as the cover art for a recently released fiction novel by Puerto Rican author Carlos Vázquez Cruz. “Dos centímetros de mar” (Two Sea Centimeters) is about a gay professor who chooses to deny his homosexuality because of the violence he sees and experiences around him.

The book is available now from Tiempo Nuevo. Check it out here (and let me know if you can translate it for me!) : Dos centímetros de mar

Gay Man Blogging

My website was reviewed by The Gay Art Blog. Here's what they had to say:

"Paul Richmond Studio *****
Having reviewed the artwork of Paul Richmond earlier in this blog, it is interesting to note that in this new online gallery his work is much more easily accessible. In addition to building a flashy but professional looking front-end for the gallery, a clearer sorting of the artworks makes visiting the gallery a much better experience than earlier. The most interesting work is found in the gallery "Paintings", where poetic watercolours and collages give a sensitive treatment to questions of identity and sexuality. The "Cheesecake" gallery is all kitschy fun, an irreverent pastiche of American commercial painting in a Rockwellian vein."

Here's a link to their site: Gay Art Blog