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House of Cat interview

I was recently interviewed by Cat Johnson for her fabulous site, House of Cat (and she asked some great questions!). Be sure to check out the other features too - lots of creative inspiration. Here's a link to check it out: Paul Richmond - Genuine Expressions of Individuality

And here's an excerpt from the interview:

By painting your own story and experiences, you’ve become an activist for understanding and open-mindedness. Can you talk about art as activism and the role it plays in your life?

It’s hard for me to think of myself as an activist because that term conjures images of Martin Luther King Jr. and Harvey Milk in my mind. Yet I know without doubt that the arts have been integral in influencing change throughout history. I certainly aspire to do my part in creating dialogue about important issues, and counteracting generalized prejudices with genuine expressions of my own individuality.

It wasn’t long ago when I strove for just the opposite. As a repressed college student …

Shop Indie Online

I was recently interviewed by Chris from and the article was posted today HERE. I've re-posted the text below:


Time to meet this week’s featured indie artist Paul of Paul Richmond Studio.

SI: Please tell us a little about yourself.
Paul: I am an artist whose paintings explore everything from personal narrative to pop culture, with some political commentary and the occasional pin-up boy thrown in for good measure. From an early age, I was taught that art could be more than a hobby. My fabulous childhood mentor made it very clear that it could also be a completely viable career option, and I haven’t looked back since! My work has been exhibited in galleries across the country, as well as some “less traditional” venues such as the Tammy Faye memorial celebration, an exhibit in Hollywood honoring Dolly Parton, and another curated by RuPaul. I have also had paintings licensed for greeting cards, concert m…

"Stripped: Uncensored" book release party

Left in the Dust: "Stripped: Uncensored" book release party

You won’t want to miss the Stripped:Uncensored Exhibition and Book Release "Living Erotic Sculpture" Garden Party at the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center (208 W 13th St New York NY) Tuesday August 18th. Marvel at the fanciful recreation of a Victorian sculpture garden complete with stunningly sexy men “undressed” as living marble sculptures.

Your $15 all-inclusive admission includes: Stripped: Uncensored book release celebration, erotic art exhibition unveiling, refreshments, a signed & limited edition piece of art (given to each guest at the door), 3 complimentary raffle tickets and a chance to win an original art work in the Legends of Art Raffle. The winner will be announced at the event.


Many thanks to the website Queerty for plugging my latest giclee print release, Mistletoe Madness.

Here's a link to their article: Queerty (re-printed below).

You Made Santa's List: Christmas (Presents) Come Early

If America had true marriage equality, we could get hitched to, the online shop where independent artists sell their wares to the public. We've found a number of great (affordable) finds there, and how can you say no to supporting painters, sculptors, and mixed media talent? It's also where artist Paul Richmond is selling his latest gem: "Cheesecake Boy Pin-Up Painting." No, we're not getting a cut of the sale, but as Paul suggests: "It’s never too early for this kind of Christmas package!" Oh, the puns are endless. Like: "Shop till you drop (trao)." Your turn!

Misguided Salvation

Today, someone tried to save my soul in a most creative way. I'm still unclear on the details of the message, but their method of delivery was so hilarious that I felt it needed blogged.

I picked up my paintings from the Ohio State Fair Fine Art Exhibit this afternoon, which incidentally was a fabulous show and great fun to participate in. While walking out to my car, I made a most unexpected discovery. Tucked in the back of my Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise canvas was a folded up piece of notebook paper and a small pamphlet. The paper contained a letter addressed to "Artist" (in quotes), informing me that we are all sinners and that if I turn my back on God by denying his son Jesus, I will send myself to hell forever. I especially appreciate her use of smiley faces as punctuation to lighten the mood. It's a subtle reminder of the crazy grin that would probably meet my eyes were this story being relayed in person. Thankfully, it's on paper instead, allowing me to s…

Mistletoe Madness

Check out my latest painting, “Mistletoe Madness.”

It’s from my Cheesecake Boy series, depicting male models who just can’t seem to keep their clothes on. In "Mistletoe Madness," a Cheesecake Boy takes romance into his own hands by attempting to hang mistletoe directly above his studiously preoccupied companion. The stealthy attempt, however, is soon thwarted by gravity when his loose, belt-less pants fall to the ground. Turning just in time to catch an eyeful of the hapless hunk's holly-patterned, skimpy briefs, the young fellow on the sofa seems pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. After all, what's a kiss under the mistletoe compared to a Christmas package like this?

This painting was commissioned by Dreamspinner Press for the cover of their annual holiday collection. It’s also available as a limited-edition giclee print in my Etsy store here: Paulypants Store.

August Contest

If you aren't already receiving my e-mail newsletter, don't miss the boat -- sign up before August 31 and you'll be entered in a drawing for a free limited-edition giclee print of Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise. Sign up HERE. Good luck!

Inspiration: Tammy Faye Messner

One of my great diva icons, Tammy Faye Messner, was the subject of a painting I made a few years ago. I'm now offering prints of the painting.

July 20 was the two year anniversary of her passing, and I've been reflecting on her inspiration lately. I wanted to share an essay I wrote at the time along with some pics from the opening of my show Ins and Outs: A Revival, at which Paige Passion (dressed as Tammy Faye) unveiled my painting.

A few months later, I was invited to present the painting at Tammy's actual memorial celebration in Palm Springs, alongside guests Larry King, Cloris Leachman, and Ron Jeremy. I think Tammy would have been proud!

Remembering Tammy Faye
by Paul Richmond
September, 2007

As a boy who was raised Catholic and attended parochial school, I often found myself clashing with the ideals that were presented as Gospel, especially when they reached beyond the sanctuary into other subject areas, such as Social Studies and Health. And try as I might, I couldn’t…