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Vampire Pinup Boy Depantsed by a Zombie Free Coloring Page

It’s #FridayFreebies coloring time! Download the hires at cheesecakeboy.comfor this week’s free pinup coloring page, I've turned my friend Scott McQuiston into a vampire and depantsed him for your coloring pleasure! Aren't my friends lucky? :) Good thing he was wearing cute undies. Bwahahahahaha! I want to see your colorful creations -- post them to social media with the hashtag #CheesecakeBoys. Happy coloring! Now go color your pants off! :)

Timelapse Oil Painting Portrait: Letting Go - Studio Sneak Peek 27 - Paul Richmond Studio

New timelapse showing some of the process involved with creating my figurative oil painting “Letting Go.”

How To Survive a Halloween Horror Movie Haunting | Cheesecake Boys | Paul Richmond Studio

We can all learn a thing or two from those sexy ladies who like to walk through the woods at night on Halloween in every horror movie ever made. Watch as we take you through a Cheesecake Boy step-by-step haunting survival guide that will scare your pants off!