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Reaching for the Light - The Inspiring Life Story and Paintings of Artist Linda Regula

Linda Regula is an artist, author, teacher, and community advocate. She’s also my hero. I started taking art lessons from her when I was three years old, and she has been a guiding light in my life ever since. Linda overcame tremendous challenges to lead the inspiring, creative life she does today. Extreme poverty, abandonment, and abuse marked her childhood in the Appalachian Mountains, and a near fatal injury in her thirties actually paved the way for her to discover her true passion. I was excited when she came to visit us in Monterey, California and agreed to share her paintings and life story in an artist talk called Reaching For The Light at Open Ground Studios on October 19, 2017. This is the video of her inspirational presentation. I hope you are as uplifted and motivated by the strength of this trailblazing lady as I am. I believe her story is one that everyone should hear.

Timelapse Oil Pastel Female Portrait: Nothing To Hide - Studio Sneak Peek 28 - Paul Richmond Studio

Start to finish time lapse speed drawing demo showing the creation of my oil pastel and collage drawing "Nothing To Hide" which was included in my Face to Face exhibition Fall 2017 at Open Ground Studios in Monterey, California. The model is Emily Taylor. The original drawing is sold, but limited-edition prints are available at