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Becoming a Golden Child: Meet My Art Teacher & Mentor Linda Regula - Vlog 19 - Paul Richmond Studio

I was very lucky growing up to have an amazing art teacher, mentor, and friend. Linda Regula started teaching me private painting lessons before my fourth birthday. In this video, we reminisce about some of our favorite stories from those early years. Also learn more about Linda's inspiring story, and the traumatic experiences she had to overcome in order to create her own path as an artist.
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One Pulse

I've been to Pulse Orlando and like so many people, I've been shaken up all day by this horrific tragedy. The best way I know how to come to terms with something inexplicable is to create, so I'm really grateful to Traxler Tees for partnering with me to release this tshirt design I created to represent solidarity and to show support for the victims. ALL of the proceeds will go to the GoFundMe account that has been established for this tragedy. Please consider ordering one and help me spread the word:

Tying the Knot: Crafty Creepies Ties & More w/ Joshua Snyder-Hill - Vlog 18 - Paul Richmond Studio

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Today I'm hanging out with my friend Joshua Snyder-Hill and he shows me how he embroiders custom ties and other goodies for his business Crafty Creepies! I first met Joshua and his husband Steve when they organized a bus trip for 25 LGBT couples (including my husband and me) to Washington DC so we could get married in front of the Supreme Court prior to the overturning of DOMA. Steve Snyder-Hill is well known for being the "booed soldier" who asked a question about Don't Ask Don't Tell during a 2011 Republican Presidential Debate that made headlines because none of the candidates stood up for him when the audience acted like a bunch of jerks.

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Pokemon or Gummy Bears? - Would You Rather with Intern & Edwin - Paul Richmond Studio

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It's pretty boy night at my studio! During a break from working, Intern (Aaron Anderson) and Edwin help me tackle life's truly important questions in an "adult" version of "Would You Rather?" Watch us weigh in on such riveting topics as "pokemon vs. gummy bears." And we saved a question for you at the end, so let us know your answer in the comments!


Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boys' pants! We're all a little high on paint fumes around here, so grab a brush and join the painting party!

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