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Pauly Prints

I'm going to start offering giclee prints of my work through Etsy. I currently have two pieces available (with more to come soon): "Elegant Imbalance" and "The Dollypop Guild." The museum-quality fine art Giclee prints are made using HiFi Inkjet printer with archival, long life, pigment-based ink on premium semi-glossy photo paper (whew!). Check them out here: ETSY

The Dollypop Guild

I finished my painting "The Dollypop Guild" for the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery show and she's on her way to Hollywood along with my other piece, "Hello Dolly!" The show opens on September 12 (here's a link to more info about the exhibit: WOW).

Here's a photo of the completed painting in all its Dolly-Poppin' glory:

And here are a few detail shots:

Spreading the Word

There was a really nice article called "A Portrait of the Artist as a Gay Man" by Richard Ades that came out this week in our alternative paper "The Other Paper" about some of my current projects. Check it out here: The Other Paper

The article was also featured on the World of Wonder site: HERE

In other news, I shipped off the Circus Show piece yesterday, and I'm busy adding some finishing touches to "The Dollypop Guild" (which includes glitter, sequins, and rhinestones), before shipping it off as well. I promise I'll post a photo of it on here very shortly. I feel like a mother sending her babies out into the world...even if they are bedazzled and bubble-wrapped first!

A Little More "Exposure"

The erotic art site Incubus' Choice posted a link to my work and a short interview. Here's an excerpt:

What have you gained by being on the internet?
Well for starters, I found my partner online! Dennis is an amazingly supportive and wonderful influence on my life, not to mention a hot model for some of my Cheesecake Boys! As for my artwork, which I’m sure was the point of the question, it’s gained a lot of exposure through my website. I’ve received e-mails from people all over the world who’ve found my work and can relate to it. It’s a wonderful way to reach a broad audience who would never find me otherwise. Most of the opportunities I’ve had over the past few years have been a direct result of internet exposure, including having my work licensed for the cover of a Puerto Rican gay fiction novel “Dos Centimetros de Mar” by Carlos Vázquez Cruz, Cheesecake Boys card publication through 10Percent Productions, exhibit opportunities at the World of Wonder Gallery in Hollywood and A…

Full Circle

I recently had the opportunity to curate an exhibit for a very special artist. I met her when I entered her studio for my first art class at age 4. Within a few months, I was making (rather crude) oil paintings of my favorite cartoon characters and other childhood inspirations under Linda Regula's guidance, though my biggest childhood inspiration would ultimately turn out to be her. She was a great teacher, mentor, and friend who stood by me and encouraged me as I grew up and went off to art school to pursue my own creative endeavors. I am still inspired by her to be a prolific, honest artist as well as a generous teacher who will hopefully share with others the healing power of art that she exposed me to at such a young age.

Check out more photos from her exhibit, "Child of Light, Child of Darkness" by clicking HERE.

Pauly's Going to Hollywood

Thanks to the incredible generosity of my friends, I’m going to be joining my painting in Hollywood at the World of Wonder Gallery for the Dollypop opening on September 12! I wasn't going to go, but my friends Maria and Jone had other plans. They organized a fundraising party over the weekend and raised enough money to buy my airfare for the trip (thank you, guys!!!), so look out LA. Here I come! Now I just need to finish the painting.

Here’s a sneak-peek:

And here are some pics from the fabulous fundraising party that I will be forever grateful for:

Me with the hosts, Jone Mason (left) and Maria Fanning (right)

Jaclyn Hamilton and Magda Turner enjoying the festivities

Jaymee Miller, Angie Wright, and me

Ever the party animals, me and my man close out the evening sporting a quilt and a shawl

Elegant Imbalance

I finished my piece for "The Circus Show and Other Atrocities." The title is "Elegant Imbalance." Here it is: