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Inspiration: John Douglas

I received this photo today from the talented Australian artist John Douglas:

We've been chatting by e-mail a bit lately because we both explore some similar themes in our work, but I had no idea he ordered a copy of my book. Since he makes a very cute book model, I had to post this to my blog. (I hope you don't mind, John!)

I've been wanting to write about him anyway, so that provides a good lead-in...

John Douglas' art encompasses a wide range of techniques including photography, painting, film, and mixed-media, so it's no surprise that he has such a diverse list of international exhibitions and publications to his credit. So far this year, he has already shown his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Washington, Arthouse Gallery in Atlanta, Laconia Gallery in Boston, Antena Gallery in Chicago, and the Tap Gallery in Sydney (to name a few).

I particularly love a narrative series he's working on now that depict scenes from The Mahabharata (image to the left …

I'm From Driftwood

I finished my illustrations for the site I'm from Driftwood, which publishes a fascinating collection of true stories by gay people. I was given a story by William Weaver of Granville, Ohio, and my illustrations depict his journey coming out of the closet in a small town. Check it out HERE.

This piece shows his childhood interest in G.I. Joe which “had nothing to do with the army or warfare.”

This piece depicts his memory of Fred Phelps and the “God Hates Fags” group protesting the Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school.

This piece represents the ultimate acceptance and peace the author was able to find in the conservative environment of his upbringing.