Cover Boy

"Zero at the Bone," a fabulous gay thriller novel by Jane Seville (featuring cover art by yours truly), is now available to order through Amazon and the pubilsher, Dreamspinner Press. Yay, Jane! I hope it's a best-seller!

I'm also beginning a new cover project for a different publisher, MLR Press, illustrating their forthcoming book "The Golden Age of Gay Fiction." It's a collection of essays from gay icons such as Ian Young, Earl Kemp, Victor J. Banis, William Maltese and other authors from that era discussing the impact of pulp novels on gay culture. In doing research for the project, I've come across some fabulous little gems too good to keep to myself -- and if this just whets your appetite for more, there's a whole catalog of gay pulp covers here: Enjoy!


oh, my god! those covers are excellent!

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