Cheesecake Trio: Jack Mackenroth, Bobbie Burlesque, and James St. James

I have three new Cheesecake Boy paintings for your viewing pleasure!

First up, the fabulous James St. James becomes the star of his own freakshow with the help of a rebellious sea monster and some loose trousers. Giclee prints of "Sideshow Attraction, Starring James St. James" are available HERE.

The next one, "Size Matters, Starring Jack Mackenroth" portrays fashion designer and Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth measuring a client’s inseam while struggling to keep his own pants  on. Feel a draft, anyone? Prints are available HERE. And visit Jack's BLOG for his recap of the Cheesecake modeling experience.

And how do you embarrass a burlesque dancer? See for yourself in "Pants on the Ground, Starring Bobbie Burlesque." Prints are available HERE.

I've added a Cheesecake section to my Etsy store HERE where you can see all the boys in their pantsless glory and make sure your collection is complete. I'm finishing up one more this week and then I'll be sending them off to the curator for my June show at the Center on Halsted. Jack, James, Bobbie and all the rest will be unveiled (literally) at the opening reception in Chicago next month. Join us for a revealing evening at the Center on Halsted Friday, June 11 from 6:30-9:30 pm. Click HERE for more details.


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