The opening reception for my CHEESECAKE exhibit at the Center on Halsted in Chicago was a huge success, and I’m so grateful to all of the friends, family, and pin-up aficionados who came out for the evening’s festivities.

Here’s a shot of the gallery showcasing some of our beautifully-hung Cheesecake Boys:

And here are some pics from the opening:

Me with Maria and Brooke, my "back-up singers"

Me with David Joseph, curator for the Center on Halsted

Me with my childhood mentor, Linda Regula

Me and my man

If you would like to see ALL of my pics from the show and subsequent Chicago escapades, check them out on my Flickr site HERE.

The exhibit will run through July 7, so if you plan on being in Chicago during that time, be sure to stop in to the Center on Halsted and take a peek. The other show that is running concurrently on the third floor, “Queer Voices in Comics,” is also a must-see!

If you’d like to read more about CHEESECAKE, including some interviews that I did about the show, the following Chicago-based publications ran great stories about the exhibit:





ryan field said…
Looks like a nice show!!
Dawn said…
Congratulations on a lovely and delightful show.
Anonymous said…
Here from Elisa Rolle's journal and just wanted to say congratulations on the show! I love the energy in your work, it really is a lot of fun. Even the more 'serious' looking stuff (like the cover for First Blood for example) have a kind of very positive sexy feel. Anyways, it looks like the show was a lot of fun, I wish you more like it in the future!

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