Covering Up!

It's been forever since I shared any of my novel cover illustrations for Dreamspinner Press. I love working on these! Here are a few of the latest:


Ah, Mr Richmond, you've done it again. "First Blood" is great. We might just write part 3 just to get your covers :)

Fine work there, too. I imagine the shower scene was a bit of a pain?
ryan field said…
Hi Paul...I just received the signed and numbered Cher print I won. Thanks so much. I blogged about it and I'll post more as soon as I get it to my favorite framer!!
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks, Aleksandr! I'm so glad you're happy with it. And yes, the shower scene was rough, but alas, someone has to do it! :)
Paul Richmond said…
Hey Ryan, thanks for blogging about it. I'm so glad your print arrived safe and sound and that you're happy with it. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the frame you choose.

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