Shadows from the Past

Over the last month, I asked everyone to help me get “uncovered” -- and you came through! In the Uncovered 2 contest, four of my recent cover illustrations were vying for the chance to become a limited-edition giclee print. But as they say on every reality show known to mankind, “only ONE could be the winner...and America has chosen!” The winning image is Shadows from the Past from the novel by Lisa Marie Davis. The winner of the first print in the series plus the corresponding novel is Zahra Owens. Congratulations! Giclee prints are now available for the first day reduced price of $32.50 in my Etsy store HERE.

I announced the winner this morning on Michele and Jeff's Review blog, and also shared some stories and pictures of my artistic escapades through the years. I even dug up a whole slew of photos from the archives (a.k.a. my parents' basement) to go along with the post. Check it out HERE.

Here's one of the aforementioned photos (isn't he a snappy dresser?):


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