Extravaganza Recap

Me with the fabulous Cheesecake Boy models! I guess I was a little over-dressed for the occasion. (Photo by Chanda Foster)

The Cheesecake Boy Extravaganza at Luxboheme was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone in Columbus who joined us for an amazing night of art, fashion, and many other surprises. I'm starting to get some photos from various guests at the event, so I'll share some here and update with more as they come in. The professional shots should be ready next week.

The event sold out, so the room filled up quickly and guests mingled and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails while some jumped into the "Pin-Up Yourself" photobooth, benefiting Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

After a brief discussion of my paintings, the fashion show kicked off. I don't have any pics yet from the show itself, but the boys modeled everything from adorable Lifer T-shirts to skimpy robes, culminating in a display of their Baskit underwear (one of our event sponsors).

The Cheesecake Boys! L to R - Jaris, Jesse, Stanley, Jason, Brian, Bruin. Thanks, guys!! (photo by Charles Dersom)

Cheesecake Boys love cameras! (Photo by Chanda Foster)

Then we had an amazing performance by drag superstar Nina West, who performed Pink's "Raise Your Glass" wearing this little number:

Nina West, during the first part of her performance at the Cheesecake Boy Extravaganza (photo by Charles Dersom)

But of course, in keeping with the theme of the evening, midway through the song she was down to this:

Nina West shows off her unmentionables (Photo by Chanda Foster)

Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time, and I am so grateful to all the people who generously gave their time and talents to help make it happen! My friend Brooke Albrecht, shown below in center, was one of my co-conspirators for the evening.

Hanging out with two of my favorite pin-up girls, Brooke and Maria (photo by Chanda Foster)

Special thanks also to Eric Albrecht, Nancy Smeltzer, Priscila Teixeira, Luxboheme, Baskit, Outlook Columbus, Nina West, Studio Fovero, and of course the Cheesecake Boy models: Jesse Jones, Stanley-Sebastian Priest, Jasen McGee, Brian Williams, Bruin Collinsworth, and Jaris Morrison.

See more photos from the event on my Flickr page here.


ryan field said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this post :)
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas to the Artist!

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