Busting Cai

Cai Jiang Xun, my notorious eBay art bootlegger, is back with a vengeance. Last night I noticed a slew of new offerings in his eBay store, many ripped off from known artists. I alerted those I recognized and then switched on my webcam to make a little PSA about our art-forging wonder. Check it out below and please take a moment to share it with the masses by posting this link to your fb page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXYSATYvpsg. We need to help Cai Jiang become the shining star of the art world that we all know him to be. Thanks!

Also, if you're not already a member, please join our Facebook group: Ebay, stop sellers who blatantly rip off artists!


aspiringcarbon said…
Paul, good job going after Cai! Back in 2008, I discovered several different Chinese counterfeiters selling copies of paintings by my SO. We embarked on a campaign to put an end to it and had some success. I wrote a tutorial to educate both art buyers and artists about this problem and what they can do. I've just finished adding some of your own excellent tips:

david said…
maybe I am just blind but I really can't find your linked to facebook as you mentioned in your youtube video.

When this caught my attention through towleroad.com, I really wanted to help you on facebook.

As a Chinese-American myself, I feel a little helpless and sad that China is still the center for embarrassing affairs like this. Trust me I have heard/seen worse.

But after 5 mins I didn't see a direct link to your facebook on your website anywhere. It might be a little tougher to call for bigger action when you don't create a direct route to the destination. I am going to search you on facebook now and if I don't find it there. Best luck to you still!
Paul Richmond said…
Hi David, sorry for the confusion. The link to the fb group is the first thing on the Bootlegging section of my log, which you can access by clicking on the little floating picture of Cai Jiang with his pants down in the right hand column. To be clearer though, I also added the link into this post, and will provide it for you here too: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=142666389104260> Thanks for your support!
Paul Richmond said…
Great tutorial! I will share it with the Facebook group. Thanks!

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