Agora 8 Recap

I had a great time last weekend participating in the Agora 8 exhibit at Junctionview Studios here in Columbus. Junctionview is a big, glorious maze of art studios that houses some of our city's finest artists. Occasionally, they open up their space to other artists from the area to display our work alongside theirs, and the result is a fabulous community event.

This year I displayed three paintings, I Won't Tell if You Won't, Size Matters Starring Jack Mackenroth, and In Hot Pursuit Starring Jesse Archer. It's always fun to let the gayest of the gay paintings from my collection loose on the city and see how they are received.

While I wasn't able to make it to the main event on Saturday, my friend Maria Fanning and I attended the preview party on Friday night and I was tickled to overhear a very young girl explaining the cause of Jesse Archer's wardrobe malfunction to her mother. "Look, he's trying to get away from that monster and the tree's tearing his clothes off!" Then she started pointing and giggling uncontrollably. I hope she grows up to be an art critic! Maria told me that my work is also a big hit with her son Sam, who thinks it is hysterical that the guys in my paintings keep losing their pants. He calls me "Paulypants" and sees my work as being of the same genre as his other favorite art series -- Captain Underpants!

Maria and I had a wonderful time checking out the exhibit, which was so diverse and truly amazing; something Columbus should take great pride in! Especially this gigantic cupcake piece (I wish I knew the artist's name so I could give proper credit. It was gorgeous!).

We also enjoyed visiting with the Jeni's ice cream man and climbing what looked like giant spools of thread behind the building. All in all, a fantastic night on the town!

And the frosting on the cupcake was that my painting I Won't Tell if You Won't was chosen to receive a Best of Show Award by the artists who organized the event. I was so honored -- especially when I saw what the Best of Show Award looks like.

If you live near Columbus, please support the wonderful work of Junctionview Studios. Can't wait for Agora 9!


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