From a Different Flock

I will be curating an exhibit at the Ohio Art League Gallery called "From a Different Flock," featuring three artists - Brooke Albrecht, Eric Albrecht, and Brian Williams - whose work is a celebration of our fine-feathered friends. 

Are you nomadic as an ostrich or enthusiastic as a woodpecker? Will you eat crow today or be as graceful as a swan? 

Brooke Albrecht
Brooke Albrecht’s quirky and colorful illustrations share her childlike wonder at the absurdity of the world around us and provoke lighthearted introspection.

Eric Albrecht
Eric Albrecht’s wooden sculptures surprise us with their whimsy. His mastery of woodworking merged with the mechanics of childhood toys from yesteryear never fail to bring a smile to young and old alike.

Brian Williams
Brian Williams’ paintings and drawings are filled with delightfully dark tension. In his amusing "Fowl Fraternity" series, the direct gaze of the personified fowl leaves the viewer questioning his or her own humanity in the face of such dignified poise.

The flock is gathering to celebrate on Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM at the Ohio Art League Gallery in the Gateway Building at 1552 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201. Visit the Facebook invitation for more details.


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