Rodham and Billwinkle

Limited-edition prints:

Once again, it’s time for the adventures of Rodham and Billwinkle! Starring that super-sonic Secretary of State, Rodham H. Squirrel with her pal Billwinkle the Moose, and a host of others. Our story opens today just as a dastardly plot unfolds in our nation’s capital. Two notorious criminal masterminds, Braggadocious and Melania Fatale, are plotting to overtake the White House! Thankfully our heroes have shown up in the nick of time! Rodham and Billwinkle quickly apprehend the villains and save our country from certain doom. Don’t miss the next exciting episode — Squirrel Power Crashes Through the Glass Ceiling or First Hubby Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The choice is clear in this election, and since Donald Trump has taken such a childish approach to his campaign, I thought there would be no better way to depict his inevitably epic takedown by Hillary Clinton than to cast them as characters from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. While Rodham is busy thwarting the dastardly villains, Billwinkle dutifully works on her laundry in the background. So many pantsuits, so little time! Donald is a real-life cartoon villain, and the only way to make America great again is to rope him up and make sure he never gets anywhere near the White House. Thankfully, Rodham H. Squirrel always gets the job done! 


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