Painting a Digital Portrait in Photoshop - Timelapse Speed Drawing Demo - Studio Sneak Peek 18

Here is a timelapse video showing part of the process for creating my latest book cover illustration. I work digitally in Photoshop, but using a pretty traditional approach. I sketch out the composition first, block in color and value, and then work with a variety of brushes and textures to refine the details. In this demo, I am painting the face of one of the characters in a realistic style. The title of the book is “Disarming Donner” by Charlie Cochet, published by Dreamspinner Press.

Photoshop brushes: 

“Disarming Donner”:

Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boys' pants! We're all a little high on paint fumes around here, so grab a brush and join the painting party!


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