I’m really excited to have been accepted into a show at the World of Wonder Gallery in Hollywood, CA honoring my diva-of-choice, the fabulous Ms. Dolly Parton!

The WOW Gallery specializes in fun, campy pop culture themed exhibits, most recently getting a lot of press for their show “Just Britney” which offered a multitude of artistic takes on Britney Spears. For me, Dolly’s a much more inspiring muse, and I’m busy crafting a painting that is based on the scene from "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy meets Glinda--only in my creation, it's a young boy (wearing an oversized pair of red stiletto's, of course) who is watching Dolly descend in a pink bubble. My working title for the piece is "The Dollypop Guild." Check back soon for a glimpse into my crazy childhood of country queen idolatry...

Visit the WOW Gallery's MySpace page here: WOW


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