We Do Need Another Hero!

The next World of Wonder Gallery show is called “Hollywood DC: Lights...Camera...Election!” and it’s all about the new era of “superstar politics.” My painting “Batmobama and Robiden” shows our Democratic candidates Obama and Biden as the famous dynamic duo from the campy sixties series, with the bat signal projecting their campaign logo from atop the distant White House.
Looming eerily in the corner are the villains, Penguin and Catwoman, who look suspiciously like the Republican nominees McCain and Palin.
As the election draws near and I find myself wrapped up in debates, pundit analysis, and those increasingly annoying campaign ads, it seems that the line between sides is pretty clearly drawn despite the popular “reaching across the aisle” rhetoric. I look to Obama and Biden as symbols of the hope and change I believe in, and I’m anxiously counting down the days until they swoop in and take out the bad guys with a big “Ka-Pow!” on November 4.

Soon I’ll be offering giclee prints and T-shirts featuring this painting. Check back for more details within the next few days. The “Hollywood DC” show is opening Thursday, October 23rd at 8PM at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Hollywood. Check out their website for more details: www.worldofwonder.net. One of the giclees will also be a part of the “Art of Politics” exhibit at the Bar of Modern Art in Columbus opening on October 22. Visit BoMA’s site here: www.barofmodernart.com.


Me said…
This is funny! Great work. You nailed their personalities to a T.

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