Christmas Cheesecake!

'Tis the season to spread some good cheer (yes, it's that time already, at least according to mall window displays everywhere), and what better way to light up loved ones' faces than with a holiday-themed Cheesecake Boy of their very own?

I have two Christmas Cheesecake Boy greeting cards published by 10Percent Productions. They are available to purchase on their website. Click HERE to check out the "Holiday Surprises" set (depicting Santa's run-in with a pants-snatching pet), and HERE for "Brightest of the Holidays" (shown to the right).

I'm also offering limited edition giclee prints of my "Stocking Stuffer" Cheesecake Boy painting (shown below). You can order him (or any of his Cheesecake brethren) in my Etsy shop HERE.

With all of these fabulously naughty Christmas gift options, hopefully we've got you covered (which is more than I can say for my Cheesecake Boy models!). Happy holidays!


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