Inspiration: Melissa Vogley Woods

I recently had the pleasure of coordinating an exhibit for a super-fabulous local artist and wanted to share her work. She combines drawing, painting, quilting, and photography in really beautiful and unexpected ways. I completely get lost in the bright, whimsical zaniness of it all. But I think what I love most is that there often seems to be more to the story. Whether she’s exploring theories of crowd-mentality through complex repetition of her nostalgic “Sunbonnet Sue” character or merging layers of abstract patterning with illustrative figurative compositions, Melissa’s work is both high and lowbrow (whatever that really means), retro and modern, beautiful and conceptual...I could go on, but you get the idea. Check it out for yourself and add on all the adjectives you like:

And if you're hung up on certain preconceived, outdated notions about quilting – watch out. Sunbonnet Sue has a gun!


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