Hot and Bothered (Thanks to Photoshop)

I'm starting a new painting called "Pin-Up Payback" for a show at the Veaux Gallery in Chelsea called 'Hot & Bothered: Sexuality Post-Feminism" this summer. It will be a triptych showing three modern-day male celebs caught in compromising, classic cheesecake-esque states of undress. Meanwhile, through the windows and doors of the apartment buildings behind them (a panoramic neighborhood scene that spans all three canvasses), fully dressed pin-up girls of yesteryear watch the scene unfold, enjoying their new roles as spectators.

I've been using Photoshop to make references for many of my recent pieces, modifying and merging various photos to work out my compositions before I start the sketch on paper. For this piece, my friend Brian took some rather silly photos of me dropping my pants (all in the name of art!), and without setting foot in the gym I was able to transform into beefcake-worthy material thanks to the fabulous Warp tool.

I don't want to give away too much of the piece just yet, but I thought I'd share a rather humorous before/after reference shot with you:

Now if only there was a Warp tool available for real life!

By the way, check out this site for some hilarious commentary on the work of Art Frahm, one of the classic cheesecake artists who had a knack for combining falling underwear with grocery shopping. Enjoy!


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