Pin-Up Pauly

My Cheesecake Boy paintings put a long overdue twist on the classic pin-up girl scenario made famous by artists like Frahm and Elvgrin, casting men in the role of accidentally exposed models in ridiculously contrived predicaments. Here are a few of my favorites (click here for info about prints):

Recently I had the opportunity to experience that same kind of pants-falling peril during a photo shoot for an article about gay artists. For my photo, we decided that I should become a Cheesecake Boy myself. The next thing I know, I’m standing at my easel holding a paintbrush and palette, with my jeans all the way down around my ankles!

The most challenging part of the whole process was trying to capture that classic embarrassed/provocative expression that was the trademark of the pin-up girls -- you know, the kind where you’re not sure if their skirt got caught on the nail by accident or if it was all a part of the plan. I’m not sure if I quite nailed that look, but after 150 shots in every kind of trouserless position imaginable, we had plenty of hilarious options to choose from (or maybe the photographer was just tired of staring at me in my skivvies).

Anyway, here’s the winning pic:

It may not be quite as popular with the troops as its girly predecessors (and even if it is, don’t ask because they won’t tell), but it definitely captures the spirit of my work. Many thanks to Allison Grimes for her photography magic and the styling assistance of Patricia Begley.

Here are a few “behind-the-scenes” pics from our photo shoot:

Now, what to do with the 149 outtakes?


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