Guess Who: Hot & Bothered Version

The painting currently on my easel, “Pin-Up Payback,” includes three celebrity guest appearances (of the male, teen-idol variety), who find themselves in humorously revealing predicaments, reminiscent of Elvgren and Frahm girls, while strolling down a neighborhood street. You can read more about the painting and its concept (which is pretty much a thin veil to paint guys losing their clothes) in my previous post here.

Today, I wanted to share the character from panel one (well, part of him anyway). This is just my reference for the painting a la digital camera + Photoshop, but any guesses which beatboxing superstar he’ll become? (Hint: This is his actual dog)

Check back for more revealing sneak-peeks as I finish this up for a mid-summer exhibit (“Hot and Bothered: Sexuality Post-Feminism”) at Veaux Gallery in Chelsea.


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