Misguided Salvation

Today, someone tried to save my soul in a most creative way. I'm still unclear on the details of the message, but their method of delivery was so hilarious that I felt it needed blogged.

I picked up my paintings from the Ohio State Fair Fine Art Exhibit this afternoon, which incidentally was a fabulous show and great fun to participate in. While walking out to my car, I made a most unexpected discovery. Tucked in the back of my Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise canvas was a folded up piece of notebook paper and a small pamphlet. The paper contained a letter addressed to "Artist" (in quotes), informing me that we are all sinners and that if I turn my back on God by denying his son Jesus, I will send myself to hell forever. I especially appreciate her use of smiley faces as punctuation to lighten the mood. It's a subtle reminder of the crazy grin that would probably meet my eyes were this story being relayed in person. Thankfully, it's on paper instead, allowing me to share it with you here. Enjoy! (Click on it for an enlarged version)

I must admit that I was a little unclear about her point by the time I finished reading this. Fortunately, her message was summed up via comic strip in the enclosed pamphlet. In it, we are introduced to a nice little homosexual who meets his tragic end and gets banned from heaven because of his sinful ways. I love the illustrations, especially the one with the naked, crotchless dude being yanked out of his coffin.

Anyway, I'd love to analyze all this further, but I have a tight deadline on some freelance work. Tonight's project: irreverent religious greeting cards...


amy beth said…
If it makes you feel less alone - I get letters such as yours from my BROTHER IN LAW (who is more or less unfortunately bipolar, sometimes homeless and an on and off again addict). Am I gay? No. Devil worshipper? No.



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