DNA Magazine Article

There's a great article in this month's edition of DNA Magazine about gay art, and I'm honored to have my work included. If you'd like to purchase a copy, click HERE.

Here's an excerpt:

What is gay art? What role does it play in the wider artistic landscape? Is it possible to separate gay identity from artistic expression? Joseph Brennan profiles some of the world’s most renowned gay artists to explore these issues...

...Ohio’s Paul Richmond paints openly about sexuality, particularly his own. Believing others may see glimpses of their lives through his canvasses, his art deals with issues of coming out (Not Just A Closet) and sexual awakening as otherworldly. In Rocket Boy, for example, he paints a story of his sexual awakening as a fourth grader with The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric standing on a suburban rooftop as rockets fall short of the universe above. His Cheesecake Boys series, with its clean cut men caught in all kinds of tight places – quite frequently with their pants down – reveal Richmond’s technicoloured palette and a campy cheekiness that is, in his words, “certainly not subtle."


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