Things That Go Bump in the Night

I just finished a new Cheesecake Boy painting called Things That Go Bump in the Night, guaranteed to scare your pants off! It will appear on the cover of an upcoming Dreamspinner Press anthology with the same title, but here's a sneak peek-a-BOO:


joey said…
What a FANtastic cover! You're talent awes me....if that makes any sense. Thanks for sharing!

arl215 said…
Love your covers,sexy and funny.
Hey Paul,

It's always a treat to find a note from you in my in box!

I am truly excited to see a new cover. How delightfully funny!

Your talent to inspire and amuse me at the same time is compelling. I could start writing a story just based on that cover alone!

(in fact, you ought to tell a publisher that - have you do the cover first and have the authors write a story based on the cover!)

A successful, prosperous new year and new decade to you and your partner!
paul said…
Thank you so much for the comment. If you ever do decide to write a story based on that cover, I'd love to read it! :)

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