CHEESECAKE, my upcoming show at the Center on Halsted in Chicago (curated by David Joseph), is getting even more fabulous by the minute thanks to some amazing celebrities who have agreed to be Cheesecake Boy models for the new paintings. My concept is to show gay men from various artistic disciplines being accidentally stripped of their clothes while demonstrating their craft. Leading the pack is the handsome (and incredibly sweet) actor Jesse Archer, who is being shown in my rendition of a classic horror/slasher film — complete with a kooky, knock-kneed monster in hot pursuit as poor Jesse struggles through some treacherous, fabric-ripping branches on his way to safety. Jesse was kind enough to provide me with wonderful reference photos for the project. Here’s my favorite:

And here’s the sketch for the painting, which I’m tentatively calling In Hot Pursuit, Starring Jesse Archer:

Who are some of these other guest stars, you might ask? While there will be a few more additions, the list has been steadily growing and I’m so thrilled that such an impressive and diverse group of people have said “yes!” Who knew that gay men would be so willing to be depicted with their pants down? Allow me to name(drop) a few for you here, although you’ll have to check back soon to find out the wacky scenarios I have in store for them!

Michael Breyette

Del Shores

Dale Levitski

Bobby Trendy

Jack Mackenroth

Mike Ruiz

Perez Hilton

Bobbie Burlesque

James St. James

Jason Driskill

Alec Mapa

Darryl Stephens

Ari Gold

How's that for a cast list? If you want to be first in line to see these boys and their impending wardrobe malfunctions, be sure to sign up for my e-mail newsletter HERE.


Your post made me crack up! NICE looking line up there, dude! You are the man.

However, I see a name missing...

WHY hasn't Dennis volunteered to drop his drawers for you to draw?

(okay - I'm operating on 48 hours with 4 hours of sleep and 8 gallons of coffee to make a deadline. I know this post will some how come and haunt me at my worst moment. For now, I believe I'm bloody funny!)
paul said…
Haha - I think Dennis is RELISHING the fact that he's off the hook (at least for now). Little does he know there are many other pants-dropping opportunities in store...
ryan field said…
I love the Jesse Archer sketch.

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