Let Them Eat Cheesecake

I've been busy cooking up some new Cheesecake today, including making good progress on my portrait of photographer Mike Ruiz, which is titled Say Cheese...Cake, Starring Mike Ruiz.

I like this second photo because it makes it look like Jesse Archer is squealing at the sight of Mike's ass, or, as they would say in art school, "the pieces are having a dialogue."

I also finished my sketch for the Darryl Stephens Cheesecake Boy, which is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's famous scene in The Seven Year Itch. Many thanks to Darryl for providing some amazing reference photos for this. 


ryan field said…
I love the bathrobe sketch. That was me this morning taking the dog out for a walk...lol
Paul Richmond said…
Well it's too bad your neighbor wasn't standing nearby with a camera. You could have been my next Cheesecake Boy subject! :)
ryan field said…
I'll tell him next time :)

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