Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Surprise

There's nothing better at Christmas than an unexpected package showing up at the door! Both Cheesecake Boys in this heartwarming holiday scene have just such a surprise awaiting them, though in very different forms. And I doubt these boys are going to be able to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap them! This painting is available as a limited-edition giclee print and a greeting card.


Luck® said...

I'm learning to create patterns and "objects" for The Sims 3 (a PC Game by Electronics Art). If I'll be lucky, I might create canvas of his works and, well, share them to all gamers. Obviously, the credits would be there. What you think of that?

Paul Richmond said...

Thanks for writing! I think it would be ok, but could you e-mail me some more details because I'm not familiar with the game? Maybe if you have a link showing how it would be used? Here's my e-mail address: prichmond1287@earthlink.net