Sanctuary: Work in Progress

I'm just about to finish blocking in the color on my new painting, Sanctuary, and thought it would be a good time to share a sneak peek. This is a small portion of the painting, but one that is consuming quite a bit of time thanks to the striped pattern on the sheet. I like the stripes though because they help define the contours of the figure's legs beneath the fabric.

The piece shows a figure in his sanctuary, blocking out the world by surrounding himself with meaningful objects; escaping into his imagination. Some of my own meaningful objects include a Marilyn Monroe cookie jar, Snow White figurine, and a purple teddy bear -- so they worked themselves in somehow. :)

Once I have all of the color laid in, I'm excited to start using my tiny brushes and working on the detail. Most of the paint you see in this photo won't be visible when I'm finished because it will be covered over by several more layers, so this is truly a work in progress. I'll share more as I go along.


LB said…
fascinating- I look forward to seeing this project mature
SJD Peterson said…
I enjoying watching your paintings evolve. Thanks for sharing your talent! It looks great!!
Lou said…
From what I see here, this promises to be a fascinating piece. As far as the stripes, very effective and good lord, every tiny detail. I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks for the kind words. I'm really enjoying working on this painting, and can't wait to share more of it with you.
Eden Winters said…
I definitely get what you're saying about the striped sheets showing the contours. They also entice the viewer to want to grasp the top and pull them lower. I look forward to seeing the finished work. The whole effect is very soothing.

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