Why are Republicans Scared of Bathrooms? - Pauly Vlog Episode 14 - Paul Richmond Studio

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Lately, republicans have been obsessed with bathrooms. In state after state - most recently North Carolina and Georgia - we see them pushing for legislation to force transgender people into the wrong bathrooms, casting them as the predators when they in fact are the ones preying on the ignorance and fear of their constituents. Let's see if we can help people like Governor Pat McCrory get their heads out of the toilet.

THANK YOU to my friends Tom Morgan, Briden Schueren, Aaron Anderson, Edwin Clark, and Tony Gatto for helping me with this one!


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Joe Clark said…
If you did actual research and talked to a actual women (none of whom have dicks) instead of repeating LGBT talking points you haven’t really thought through for more than a few seconds, you would know the real issue is keeping autogynephilic MTF transgenders out of women’s private spaces. It has nothing to do with downtrodden trans/trans*/transgender individuals.

If anyone can enter any sex-segregated space – bathrooms, restrooms, washrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms are segregated by sex – solely on the basis of self-proclaimed gender identity, that means males can and will show up in all-female spaces and behave inappropriately.

Next you’ll tell me that never happens.

Stick to painting, Paul.
Paul Richmond said…
Joe Clark, I'll stick to painting when people stop making ignorant remarks like "women don't have dicks." Gender identity and sexual orientation are two separate things. In order to accommodate all of your fears, we would need at least twenty different bathrooms installed everywhere in order to separate all of the various combinations of people who might be sexually attracted to each other. It is already illegal for anyone of any gender to enter a bathroom and "behave inappropriately." These laws don't make anyone any safer.

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