Pauly's Going to Hollywood

Thanks to the incredible generosity of my friends, I’m going to be joining my painting in Hollywood at the World of Wonder Gallery for the Dollypop opening on September 12! I wasn't going to go, but my friends Maria and Jone had other plans. They organized a fundraising party over the weekend and raised enough money to buy my airfare for the trip (thank you, guys!!!), so look out LA. Here I come! Now I just need to finish the painting.

Here’s a sneak-peek:

And here are some pics from the fabulous fundraising party that I will be forever grateful for:

Me with the hosts, Jone Mason (left) and Maria Fanning (right)

Jaclyn Hamilton and Magda Turner enjoying the festivities

Jaymee Miller, Angie Wright, and me

Ever the party animals, me and my man close out the evening sporting a quilt and a shawl


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