Brand-Spanking New Progress Shots

I was able to work on my new painting "Naughty or Nice" today. Here are some pics of it in progress:

This is one of my last nights working in my current studio. Dennis and I are getting ready to move to a wonderful new apartment this week, so I'll be busy settling into a new place soon -- complete with a fabulously gigantic finished basement that will be my new studio space. I can't wait! Plus it will be nice not to be surrounded by a million boxes.

I'm going to close for now because I'm busy working on some interview questions that Antonio Capurro sent me for his site Gay Like You. That could be why this post isn't brimming with my usual witty banter -- I need to save all of my charm for his incredibly thought-provoking list of 30 questions. Whew! I hope I'm interesting enough to talk about that long...


Genny said…
Hey Paul, I love your work! It's so fun and fresh and I love that it's so personal. I've become a fan and I'll be checking back often! Good luck and well done!
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks, Genny. I just checked out your page and I LOVE your character design. I became a fan of you too!
ryan field said…
Hi...I've been wanting to stop by your blog for a while. I absolutely love your work.
Paul Richmond said…
Thank you so much, Ryan!

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