Thanks to my fabulous stunt-double, I have some photos to share from GLAAD's OUTAuction. My friend Savannah Spirit attended the event on Sunday and kept me thoroughly updated with multiple rounds of mobile Facebook uploads. Thanks, Savannah! My painting, Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise, was auctioned at the event to help raise money for GLAAD. The show celebrated GLAAD's Top 100 Artists, and I was honored to be included.

There's a recap of the festivities in Time Out New York by Alex Schechter, and he mentioned my painting (excerpt below). Click HERE to read the full article.

"We thought the most interesting item was a piece by Paul Richmond entitled 'Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise,' an oil painting of iconic gay and lesbian couples (Ellen and Portia, Elton and David, Bert and Ernie) alongside some not-so-iconic same-sex animal couples (a pair of giraffes in top hats, a pair of chimps in bow ties), all aboard a rainbow-flagged ark. Love it!"


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