Decking the Halls

I have been a busy boy decking the halls of my Etsy store with all kinds of new goodies. Art makes a great gift, and I have a little something for the naughty and the nice folks on your shopping list this year -- everything from original paintings to prints and clothing, even some humorous Christmas cards. Here are a few highlights...

My new painting Naughty or Nice is now available for a discount in the Paulypants Christmas Set. After all, what's better than one pants-dropping Cheesecake boy -- two of them, of course! Both paintings are also available as greeting cards

I also just released a couple of new limited-edition giclee prints: First Kiss and Not Just a Closet. By request, I'm also offering larger-scale prints of some favorites, including Batmobama and Robiden and The Cher Within. After all, I'm a fan of the "more is more" philosophy!

You'll also find an increased selection of original paintings in my Etsy store, including The Dollypop GuildElegant Imbalance, and Mother Nurture.


ryan field said…
I checked out your store. I'm glad you posted. I wouldn't have known. I'll give it a few shouts.
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks, Ryan. Much appreciated!

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