Inspiration: Robert Sherer

I recently received an e-mail from one of my favorite artists, Robert Sherer, inviting me to participate in an upcoming book project about male figurative art (more about that later). I was blown away that someone whose work I have admired for quite a while even knew who I was! I wanted to share some of his incredible art here and encourage you to see more on his WEBSITE and at LYMAN-EYER GALLERY

I first discovered him when his Pyrograph series was featured in New American Paintings. The wood-burned images depict nostalgic boyhood memories rendered with actual camp craft materials, and they immediately grabbed my attention. Here’s an example, Pirate’s Booty: Treasure.

I also love his Bloodworks series – elegant floral still life pieces created with HIV positive and negative blood to represent the complexities of romantic life and sexual attraction in the HIV era. This piece is titled The Usual Suspects. 


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