Rosy Cheeks, Starring Bobby Trendy

Interior designer Bobby Trendy knows how to dress up a room, but in my latest Cheesecake Boy painting, he has some trouble staying dressed himself! 

Check out Rosy Cheeks, Starring Bobby Trendy HERE, where you can also order a limited-edition giclee print. 


Genny said…
Hey Paul, exciting stuff! But now it's "inquiring minds" time. You've got 13 killer portraits total for your upcoming show. Are you starting to sweat the deadline? I think I know the answer and that's why you sometimes post comments at 4 AM! You must be painting non-stop!
Paul Richmond said…
I think my response time to this comment probably sums it up best! Sorry it took me so long. Indeed, I have been burning the midnight oil a bit, but I'm having a blast and can't wait for the show!

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