I'm a Narcoleptic Date!

Turnabout is fair play, so when my friend Brian Williams asked me to model for one of the paintings in his upcoming LA exhibit "Narcolepsy Date," I was all about it -- especially when I learned that would involve plunging my face into a big cake. 

Brian's concept is to show figures who have fallen asleep in unusual situations, which isn't much of a stretch for me given the number of times this month that I've fallen asleep at my easel. However, since Brian and I have a long history of cake-appreciation, we decided to go that route for my pose. Here are a few of the lovely results of last night's photo shoot:

And here's the composition Brian worked out for the painting. I love the cute detail of the hearts in the coffee! 


This is going to be adorable, I love the undies shot!
WILVIN65 said…
You are so cute when your asleep. P.S.love the undies!!!!!

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