I've Been Bootlegged!

Today I received an e-mail tipping me off that someone on ebay is selling my work and claiming it as their own. I was speechless when I clicked on the link and found two of my paintings being touted as the work of someone named Cai Jiang Xun. Even more surprising is the fact that the two original paintings, On Display, Starring Michael Breyette and Size Matters, Starring Jack Mackenroth are still in my possession. I can only assume that this fraud is printing low-res images on canvas and "enhancing" them somehow.

Even though I have a lot of fun with my art career (how can you not when you paint people losing their pants?), I do take my work very seriously. I feel completely violated and outraged at the sight of my art with someone else's copyright statement plastered across it.


And aside from everything else that's wrong with this situation, what in the hell is up with these hideous frames? Furthermore, Cai Jiang Xun's listing encourages interested parties to submit wholesale inquiries, so he obviously has plans of mass-production. Looking at his profile, I see that he has already made 362 sales.

I am going to include all of the information I have discovered in the hopes that you will pass this along to anyone you know who creates or purchases art. Cai Jiang's ebay store, MJART, has over 1500 items, and I can only assume that the merchandise offerings have been stolen from many other artists. I am reporting this to ebay so I am unsure if his account will remain active after their review. However, at the present time all of these links work:

Fraudulent listing of On Display, Starring Michael Breyette
Fraudulent listing of Size Matters, Starring Jack Mackenroth
MJART Gallery's ebay store
MJART Gallery's profile


ha ha ha both links have been changed to other "artworks" now. keep chasing this slimeball!
Kathy K said…
That is... absolutely disgusting! And he's definitely changed the auction information.

Looking at even some of "his" art makes me feel rather sick, because as you said, how many other artists is he blatantly ripping off.

I got my Paul Richmond print the old-fashioned way... okay buying off the 'net isn't, perhaps, all that 'old-fashioned'--but buying directly from you is infinitely preferable and I do so enjoy it!
And I'll be sharing your blog with a number of friends.

All the best Paul and hopefully the thief will have to face the music. ha!

Patric said…
All he changed was the image this link points to. The bloody URL still shows as "ART-ORIGINAL-BOY-OIL-PAINTING-GAY-ART-NAKED-MALE-NUDE"

Paul, let me know if I can help in any way. To say that I am incensed at the audacity is an understatement of epic proportions.

Ben said…
I know another artist who has had his artwork ripped off by this fraud. I assume ebay is more than happy to take their commission from anything he sells so the listings will continue. Shame you aren't getting any fiscal benefit from it. But can only revel in the fact you are good enough to be worthy of rip offs.

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