Rainbow Pride Cheesecake

My latest Cheesecake Boy painting is a colorful one -- introducing Rainbow Pride Cheesecake!!

Limited-edition giclee prints are available in my online store here.

This Cheesecake Boy has many reasons to be proud as he marches in the annual Pride parade with his rainbow flag in tow. However, he wasn't expecting to show off the rainbow pattern on his underwear too! As the button on his tight, sexy jeans pops off, his pants begin to plummet. What's a boy to do? With many blocks remaining, he must grab hold of the situation as best he can and march onward -- giving new meaning to the expression "bursting with pride!"

"Rainbow Pride Cheesecake" is the official pin-up boy of the Rainbow Awards hosted by Elisa Rolle.


Anonymous said…
Nice... Very nice works! Note: I don't write in English but I must say that: Thanks!
Gianna Vanoni said…
Paul, I'm a 16 year old art student, you've inspired me so I did my own version of a pin up in my art class after you, making a critic to woman stereotype using a man in a cooking ad, love your work <3 greetings from Ecuador

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